How do I measure my soil's pH using Inoculo’s test kit?

The Inoculo test kits come with full instructions and allow you to test the pH of soil and potting mix quickly and accurately. The process was developed by CSIRO chemists and soil scientists. It uses a pH indicator mixture that reacts with the pH of the soil resulting in a colour, that colour can then be compared to a standard colour chart provided with the kit, providing accuracy to the nearest half unit of pH.

The large kits can be expected to perform at least 50 tests and small kits at least 20 tests.

For best results take a number of soil samples from a depth of 5 – 10cm below surface from the areas concerned. Ensure the samples are mixed thoroughly. For accuracy, repeat the testing 5 times.


STEP 1. Place soil for test on cleaned spot plate or porcelain saucer

STEP 2. Shake a few drops of liquid indicator on to soil and mix into a thick paste.

STEP 3. Sprinkle soil paste with a thin cover of white powder supplied

STEP 4. Leave for two to three minutes to allow colour to develop

STEP 5. Match new colour with colour chart.

Note: the number next to the matched colour on the chart is an accurate reading of the pH of the soil tested.