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The Inoculo Soil pH Kit is an Australian made - CSIRO developed product that effectively measures the pH of your soil.

Soil analysis is very important as pH controls the availability of nutrients to the plants. Therefore, testing the pH of your soil is essential to the wellbeing of your plants.

Why risk your hard work and beautiful plants? With the Inoculo Soil pH Kit you can be confident that the soil will be right for your plants. Simple enough for private gardeners and accurate enough for commercial growers.



Inoculo is Australia's original manufacturer of soil pH kits, produced in collaboration with the CSIRO in 1959 to meet the need for a simple and accurate on site pH test.

It is a valuable kit for:

· Agriculturalists / Horticulturists
· Nurseries
· Garden Suppliers
· Market Gardeners
· Wine / Olive / Citrus /Nut Growers
· Landscapers
· Lawn Production and Maintenance
· Soil and Potting Companies
· Agriculture / Horticulture Students and
· Home Gardeners

Everyone should have an Inoculo Soil pH Kit in their shed!







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  We welcome all enquiries, trade or private. Please feel free to contact us at the above address or e-mail us at enquiries@inoculo.com.au. A list of suppliers around Australia is provided here on our website.