Benefits of pH Testing


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 Three Simple Stages

1: Mix the soil sample with a specially formulated universal pH indicator and dust with a white barium sulphate powder.

2: The resultant colour of the powder is compared to a colour chart to find the pH of the soil.

3: In only a minute you can determine the pH of your soil to within half a pH unit. (Accurate enough for agricultural and horticultural use).


There is a choice of two kits:


 The original kit, designed for agriculturalists and horticulturists, can carry out between 50 -100 tests.

It currently retails for under 30.00 AUD


The small kit, ideal for the home gardener and students, providing between 20-40 tests.

With a retail price of under 20.00 AUD it also makes an ideal gift for that gardening enthusiast in your family.